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tv   Chasing News  FOX  September 18, 2015 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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bill: now on "chasing news". [speaking in native tongue] >> furious. >> came across. >> was nearby. >> the national level. >> there it is. >> sweating so much. >> the brutal torture segue that captivated the interested people.
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said there was an innocent man behind bars. >> do you torture, rape, and murder. [speaking in native tongue] bill: hank, you are continuing to chase, up to here with illegal aliens. >> furious. they straight out call them racist. >> signs call out illegal immigrants, 30, 42 a house. doing nothing about the practice which they call a fire hazard. that is when i ran into civil rights workers, emiliano who sent down
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all they want to five. >> more affordable housing. >> you agree with them? they need more affordable housing? >> zero, yes. >> new jersey needs more affordable housing. >> at the same time we don't believe in stereotyping a community. stereotyping the community in town is wrong. >> both men agree, they do not feel like he is a big it , but they add that they were a little concerned. >> i want the same rights. is that possible? >> a lot of the protesters did not realize that he was nearby watching the whole thing go down. here is what he had to say.
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watching close by. do you see yourself having further conversation and bringing this to aa place table from these folks? >> unsafe. >> but you could be here for >> already preparing my exit. there is not -- i would not put a sign on my house if i did not have an exit plan. >> about 100 there last time. a possible visit by donald trump now that this is over, over, but i will have to get back to you on that. bill: you read all of the signs. it is a shame. the conversation so quickly turns to racism. >> is a racially charged
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suspect -- subject. i do not believe he is racist, but i feel like his tactics, he wants to talk about the community, there are better ways to do it. bill: here, right? >> seriously,seriously, go to a town hall, get a group together and take proper action. >> it was directed not at illegal immigrants but the folks in the political structure and morris town. >> it speaks volumes that the latino community cares enough to protest. [speaking in native tongue] bill: "high speed chase". >> you guys recognize this on the hunt for him after two sexual assaults. the victims got off the bus. the suspect is said to be a hispanic male, medium build.
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if you have information contact the police department. charged with dui after driving the wrong way. arrested after he not only drove the wrong way, when the officer told her to stop , she responded, i'm, i'm sorry, i don't want to go to new jersey and sped off. charged with resisting arrest, reckless driving, and refusal to take a breathalyzer. bill: fashion week. >> i don't know about you, but i love coffee. when i found out these don't just offer a jolt of energy i had to check it out. >> i use it about three
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>> my god. >> we just got to queens, new york's very own turkish coffee master lives. >> you drink this coffee. so it is not the coffee. what you can read from it, if that makes sense. you don't tell your secrets. i like that. >> gaining national fame for the ability to predict the future. people are showing such interest that they are willing to shell out a thousand dollars a session. $150 price tag. now, the process is simple. take a drink and tell all that is left is a small, money residue.
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>> at this point it is no longer in the, but you can see a pattern from the coffee grounds. >> i just buy the cheap stuff. over here. >> yes. >> fifth -- fix it. >> the final step comes. it is said to mark what is left behind. now, it takes about it one hour, but no time to waste. fully booked until 2017. crazy. but you can read her book which offers tips on how you can be a coffee messenger yourself. tell me, are you a fan of
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bill: you are chasing one of the top competitors. >> competed at the national level five times. i wanted to see if i have what it takes. i chased this. >> no way someone can hang on the let's like that. okay. built on that confidence of not knowing what is possible until you try. >> you cannot miss him on the obstacle course. he addressed as an animated character. neon green hair. bill: let's not put that in. >> walking on walls,
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first we hit the wall. as long as you can grip your fingers you can complete the obstacle which was not the case for me. >> good. >> there it is. good. >> the most important part of ninja training is to be light on the tip of your toes. >> strength is one thing, but coordination is much more. >> we swung around the monkey bars, but i could not keep up. he took mehe took me to the fun part, the foam pit. >> yes. >> you have no idea where your body is moving. >> i did not think i would
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be sweating so much. >> as possible. you can look up to schedule online. they are turning it into a national sport. bill: holding himself up. it looks hard. >> he called it a parkour academy, in other words free running. otherwise you would be vaulting over church pews. >> you have to do that. >> that's good. >> you can't trust this dude. another reason why. just style, tried to rape a woman.
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if you know this guy call nypd or crimestoppers. >> did you watch the debate last night? you did? did you see this guy? everyone on twitter. it turns out his name is greg clarissa. >> obviously, that's the dumbest thing. >> now someone falls.
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murder? >> another day in the life of being a chaser. >> when it comes down to it
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trending on insta graham. it speaks for itself. bill: chasing a story. an exclusive inside turn state prison with a killer convicted of murder. >> the story starts with what almost felt like a sign from beyond the grave. >> this all began, brought to my attention. >> when the murder happened,
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brutal torture sex play. and it reverberates to this day. now, i was being told about it all that said someone else to this crime. >> my partner, telling the story. totally inadvertently. >> he and i talked about this. pulled the case file. he's retired now. began to ask questions about this man. the two crimes were
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tied to her bed. her throat have been crushed and she had been tortured with crochet needles. he was given aa trial on both and convicted and sent away for a lifetime. what kind of evidence the department had the time. >> if someone calls, of
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went on wednesday. we sat down and started the interview. so many questions unanswered. how he had encountered. why would a rapist return to the scene of the crime? the reason the two of them that she cannot go into the
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in supplying her. >> imaging stockton it was a stamp it made it even more horrifying. bill: i was not far off. >> was not allowed to take the stand. knowing someone all these
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name and an appeal to anyone. >> did you torture, rape, and murder? >> the 1st in the nation's primary. >> aa christie presidency will be about me.
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pain from your day can haunt you at night, don't let it. advil pm gives you the healing sleep you need, helping you fall asleep and stay asleep so your body can heal as you rest. advil pm. for a healing night's sleep. bill: fresh off the 2nd republican debate getting up to new hampshire chasing donald trump who forfor the be the party favorite.
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where politicians me -- need to be if they want to win the gop nomination. here to attend my very 1st townhall to give you an idea of how this is going to be. it is going to take place in an arena. the highest attendance, over 300. according to a poll, which is not scientific gives you a feel for the temperature among republican voters, donald trump was the winner. carly fiorini came in 2nd. the most memorable moment was when she responded to the remarks that donald trump made in that rolling stone interview. >> heard mr. bush very clearly.
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country heard very clearly. >> throughout the whole debate, at the bottom half, and of the debate christie shot to number one when he answered the final question. it basically said what would the country look like if you are elected. >> it won't be about me. it will be about you. they really are the greatest nation in the world. >> the guy was right. bill: we will see what can happen.
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